Prem The Journey

The experience of hitting up a show is unmatched. There’s the feeling of having a place, realizing everybody present has a common love of the band and is anticipating an extraordinary time. Energy is high. Energy and inspiration emanates from the whole group. Music can unite individuals in a strong manner. It rises above limits and gives a getaway from the commonplace and the tension of day to day existence.

While the actual music is, obviously, the crucial part of any extraordinary show going excursion, the scene will have a significant impact in the general fulfillment of the experience. The area and set up of the presentation can incredibly improve the sound, or bring down it. Keep your crowd blissful by thinking about every one of the subtleties and furnishing them with a dedication journey. Client bliss will make them want more and more, and informal applause will just expand the interest you get.

Sound Quality
Contending this one is not even fundamental. The nature of the sound can represent the deciding moment a show. A decent setting has every one of the bugs and wrinkles worked out ahead of time to guarantee a smooth activity.

Focus on set up and have learned individuals handle the wiring. The best gear ought to be utilized for ideal sound and ought to have the power expected to deliver the quality and volume of sound that music darlings hope to hear. A business utilities organization can be a dependable source to assist you with getting the power you want to deal with your necessities

Each show scene ought to have a couple of fundamental highlights. Clean restrooms, gift and shopping, and food and drink stands. These are the fundamentals to keeping your clients blissful, yet not the amount of the areas you ought to check out. Have clear directions on leaving and name the region so individuals can without much of a stretch find their vehicles later on. Following a long however wonderful evening, it very well may be challenging to find your vehicle in an ocean of others in the event that there aren’t checked segments.

An unquestionable necessity is access for wheelchairs and different facilities. You ought to be prepared to take special care of all requirements. Wellbeing is another key element. You actually should have crisis clinical consideration and utilize safety officers to maintain order and deter risky or diverting way of behaving.

Boost Space
The sort of room that you have accessible will figure out what upgrades you can make. A little, indoor setting requires unexpected dealing with in comparison to a huge open air scene. An indoor space can be comfortable and close, yet shouldn’t divert from the music with such a large number of improvements or lights. Know your groups, as well. A musical crew will have an unexpected tasteful in comparison to a nation band, and require a marginally unique climate.

Prem The Journey

28 มีนาคม 2564

ครั้งแรกกับงานแฟนมีตติ้งเดี่ยวของ เปรม วรุศ


“ ด้ายแดง Until we meet again ”

งานนี้เหล่าแฟนคลับ จะได้พบกับ

จุดเริ่มต้นการเดินทาง ของการเป็นนักแสดง


กับ THE 1st SOLO SHOWCASE “Prem The Journey Presented by Yen Yen”



ในวันที่ 27 มีนาคม 2564 ณ Ultra Arena SHOW DC


Prem The Journey
Prem The Journey